Belarus-Kinder Maria Hetzer Lower Austria

Opening up a whole new world to children Social worker Maria Hetzer is helping Belarusian children affected by the non-design-basis accident in Chornobyl. She organises holidays for the children: they will spend three weeks far away from the affected areas with Austrian host families. In this interview, she talks about the reason she is working on this project and about her impressions of Belarus, which she visits up to five times per year.Read More →

Andi Wimmer and his friends have made it to Mongolia

Tschingis Koarl on the way to meet Genghis Khan Together with his friends, Lower Austrian social worker Andreas Wimmer drove all the way from his hometown of Leobersdorf near Vienna to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. They brought an old fire brigade car to Mongolia on the Mongolia Charity Rally. Part of his group Tschingis Koarl would have loved to turn back at the Russian border.Read More →

Manuel Marinelli from Project Manaia

Manuel Marinelli – The Young Man and The Sea Marine biologist Manuel Marinelli swapped the Alpine landscape of his Carinthian home for a life on the seven seas. With his research vessel Independence, he gives scientists the opportunity to put their scientific projects into practice. His goal is to conserve marine habitats for the living beings that dwell in it. For his childhood dream, he sacrifices holidays and other amenities – and he found his personal paradise on Earth inRead More →

Günther Fiala, composer

Günther Fiala, musical multi-talent Günther Fiala is a man of many talents: piano player, singer, composer of musicals for children and adults, specialist in German studies, speech therapist – and overall a creative spirit. At the tender age of 12, the award-winning composerRead More →